Some practical details at the site of the Forum

Remember, if you have a small stone from the country you have just come from with you, leave it with the others in the place prepared for them near the well. You will have left a tangible sign of your presence which adds to the Forum for those who come after you.

Bring your own food and bottles; there is good drinking water in the well.

There will shortly be an open hearth. Bring firewood with you or use whatever is left over by those who came before. After your visit, please take away the empties and rubbish with you. You could say that respect for the maintenance of the Forum is a reflection of your respect for peace.

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The Forum for Peace is a place where you can explore and discuss peace, or simply find quiet.

In the beautiful Umbrian countryside, you can debate with friends or discover your own journey to peace.

There isn't a religion, organisation or political group behind the Forum. Rather, it flows from a small group of individuals who believe in peace. This is a place which is available to anyone of any nationality, creed or belief. Our uniting factor is a commitment to peace.