You are always welcome to visit the Forum for Peace. We don't have shops, cafés or complicated facilities: it's just a place you can use, and of course share with anyone else who's there at the same time.


The Forum for Peace is located on the outskirts of the historic village of Torre del Colle, about 3km west of Bevagna in the Assisi valley in the heart of Umbria. Click the images below for more detailed maps.

Walker's map:

Aerial map:

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When to visit:

You're welcome to use the Forum for Peace however you feel is most appropriate. Do remember, however, that this land is provided out of the kindness of friends, so your sensitivity would be appreciated. Winter can be cold in Umbria, and heavy mists often fill the Assisi valley, but this can often add to the atmosphere, so as long as you are wearing appropriate clothing, you'll be fine.

To see the latest weather forecast for the area, please click the link on the right.


The Forum for Peace is a place where you can explore and discuss peace, or simply find quiet.

In the beautiful Umbrian countryside, you can debate with friends or discover your own journey to peace.

There isn't a religion, organisation or political group behind the Forum. Rather, it flows from a small group of individuals who believe in peace. This is a place which is available to anyone of any nationality, creed or belief. Our uniting factor is a commitment to peace.