Finding the stones

Someone in each country, perhaps with a group of friends, takes up the idea, finds the stone and alone or with friends organises its transportation to Umbria in Italy. The effort and the costs involved are your contribution to the Forum. Each stone could be 30 to 50cm in height.

The ideal is a stone that's between 50 and 80kg. If you can't find a stone of that size, then an alternative to consider could be a stone that's broad enough to sit on, but only around 10cm thick. Once it has found its way to the Forum For Peace we'll set it onto an Italian stone to make up the height.

This page will let you know if a seating stone from the country where you live or are staying is already on its way.

On its arrival, letters indicating its country of origin will be discreetly carved on one side (eg FIN, EST, etc). It will then be set down on the grass to join the others in a rough semicircle. It is hoped that in time all the continents will be represented.

Details of each country’s stone, the history of its finding, photographic documentation and the story of its journey to Umbria in Italy will all be logged on this site.

The website and by word of mouth

Speaking to friends at home and letting others know by e-mail or sms about the project and its website are two ways of enabling the arrival of new stones. The Forum asks for just one stone from each country. If you or your friends are the first to offer one, with a plan for its transportation, it will be logged on the web-site as that country’s stone.

Transportation of the stones

It’s the finder’s job to initiate this process and there are so many ways to get it started: by private car, van, container transport or air-freight, for example. Problems could be reduced by personal contact with transport companies, shipping lines etc. which show a readiness to participate. Lorries and vans of all kinds travelling regularly throughout Europe have stop-overs in Italy.

Air-freight would seem the best option for countries overseas, with the stone packed in a simple wooden casing. Again, someone could take delivery of a stone from a South American ship docking in a European port and move it on or hold it for collection. The stones may need to do some hitch-hiking before they get to us.

Hand stones

There is a special place near the well for hand stones brought by visitors from the countries where they started their journey. And some hand stones there will have been sent us by hand or by post.


The Forum for Peace is a place where you can explore and discuss peace, or simply find quiet.

In the beautiful Umbrian countryside, you can debate with friends or discover your own journey to peace.

There isn't a religion, organisation or political group behind the Forum. Rather, it flows from a small group of individuals who believe in peace. This is a place which is available to anyone of any nationality, creed or belief. Our uniting factor is a commitment to peace.