The Forum is simple and requires the help of as many people as possible.  We ask for one unworked stone from the landscape of every country. The stones serve as seats and together they constitute the Forum. There is nothing monumental or grandiose about it: it is a space in which it is hard to be formal, and easy to make contact.

Our aim is to draw the generations together in a dialogue without frontiers. The assembling of these stones will create a unique meeting point for all who believe in peace and for others still in doubt. Visitors can sit to share their ideas, their cultures and the food they have brought with them. Over time, as the stones continue to arrive, the Forum will pass to another generation and with it the belief in peace.


The Site

There is a range of hills in Umbria, Italy, across the valley from Assisi. My wife and I moved there from Finland in 1989.

In those same hills, not far from the village of Torre del Colle, the Forum has found a home. Our friends Umberto Bonetti and Nicoletta Grassani believed in the project. They knew of our intention to get it started in our small garden and saw on their land a space that seemed ideal. They generously offered it to us as the site.

Imagine a grass covered arc backed by trees at the head of a long steeply sloping field. The Forum stones follow the contours of this natural theatre. Just a short way down the slope there is an old well. From the stones the view reaches down into the fold in the hills and up to olive groves, the few farm houses and oak forest rising to the ridge opposite. Click here for a plan of the Forum

The Forum for Peace is a place where you can explore and discuss peace, or simply find quiet.

In the beautiful Umbrian countryside, you can debate with friends or discover your own journey to peace.

There isn't a religion, organisation or political group behind the Forum. Rather, it flows from a small group of individuals who believe in peace. This is a place which is available to anyone of any nationality, creed or belief. Our uniting factor is a commitment to peace.