The Forum for Peace is an idea which we have been nurturing for a long time, and with the help of our friends it is coming to fruition. The concept first arrived more than 30 years ago and formed a proposal to the Greek government for an Athens square which people could use in a spirit of friendship and cooperation. Over time, this plan has changed, adapted and evolved, until it became what it is today.

The Forum exists for the sole purpose of supporting people who themselves wish to support the idea and the ideals of peace. Nothing more, nothing less. It is not intended to be a focus for dissent, disagreement or demonstration: we are often asked whether we are against something; we always respond by talking about what we are in favour of - peace.

The Forum for Peace exists in a tangible form in order that the concept of peace can take its place in the reality of the earth, trees and land of Europe. With the addition of stones from as many countries as possible, we hope to encourage an air of cooperation between people of those different countries, and our hope is that this spirit of entente will extend to those who make the decisions that affect us every day.

One small change might not make any difference at all, but one small change might. Our role is to encourage those small changes - in our lives, attitudes and intentions - that will make a difference.

A word of thanks ...
... to all who have helped already. Perhaps, if you have read this far, some idea of how
you might personally be able to further the project may have occurred to you. Thank you too.
Castelbuono di Bevagna, 22.3.2007


The Forum for Peace is a place where you can explore and discuss peace, or simply find quiet.

In the beautiful Umbrian countryside, you can debate with friends or discover your own journey to peace.

There isn't a religion, organisation or political group behind the Forum. Rather, it flows from a small group of individuals who believe in peace. This is a place which is available to anyone of any nationality, creed or belief. Our uniting factor is a commitment to peace.